Large Yerba Santa Bundle  (8"-9")
LARGE Yerba Santa Bundle (8"-9")
LARGE Yerba Santa Bundle (8"-9")
LARGE Yerba Santa Bundle (8"-9")

LARGE Yerba Santa Bundle (8"-9")

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  • CONTENTS: 1 Yerba Santa Bundleof 8"-9"
  • SIZE AND COLOUR VARIATIONS: Pack includes all natural items and as such, variations in size and colour are normal
  • NATURAL INCENSE: Sourced from California and 100% Natural. Yerba Santa is tied and hang upside down in a cool dark space until it dries out
  • SMUDGING: Cleanse yourself, home and objects, with centuries old Yerba Santa Sacred Ritual using this authentic herb.

Eriodictyon californicum is a species of plant within the family Boraginaceae. It is also known as yerba santa (sacred herb), mountain balm, bear's weed, gum bush, gum plant, and consumptive weed.

What is Yerba Santa good for?
Yerba santa is used for respiratory conditions including cough, cold, tuberculosis, asthma, and long-term swelling (inflammation) of the airways in the lungs (chronic bronchitis). It is also used for fever and dry mouth. Some people use it to relieve muscle spasms and to loosen phlegm.

  • Large (8"-9") Yerba Santa Smudge Bundle
  • Grown and hand bundled in the USA
  • Each bundle is approximately 4" long
  • Used in cleansing rituals and home fragrance
  • Burning sage is a great way to clear negative energy to help you stay mindful, relaxed and be able to meditate