What IS Thug Coding?

 Thug Coding is a Private Equity Fund. 

Founded by Mr. Fun in 2018 as  a Computer Science research  course for non-technical people of all ages and backgrounds, the idea was destined to move from obscurity into the    neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California. 

Mr. Fun wanted to create  something BIG for the people that are usually not included in the TECH sectors. The biggest part (reasoning) of the Thug Coding idea is that these people are not involved or overlooked is because they are not involved. They have not participated and had access to computer science and technology directly as a viable path to wealth creation and knowledge base.

So...THUG CODING was born from that idea.

Regular, everyday people from all walks of life are here at THUG CODING studying computer science and programming in all sectors: Full Stack, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Blockchain, etc.

A network of people that may or may not have the means to get a Computer Science degree at an HBCU and other colleges, or enroll in $9,000 bootcamp to learn how to code. This is for people that may not have ever been introduced to tech and exposed to the vast multitudes of opportunities that become available with skills and knowledge in Computer Science and Development.


Can YOU image the HOOD becoming a TECH HUB like Silicon Valley?
Do "people" in the hood have ideas? Are they even PEOPLE? Do they have BRAINS?
Do people in the HOOD deserve to have WEALTH and HAPPINESS?
Cool. Then, help me TEACH them about Computer Programming and Computer Science.
Doesn't seem like nobody else has ever tried it...
WHY have you overlooked them? #thugcoding

he above text comes from a facebook post I made. I know, my approach is a bit unorthodox. But, all of this is done for a reason.

Where some of us are...RIGHT NOW...may not be where we want to be. We may not even know where we want to be. So...THUG CODING is a transition and pivot point to begin on a path to a prosperous and powerful future.

I walk up-and-down the streets in the "hoods" of L.A., going door-to-door telling the people about THUG CODING and how important it is to start getting involved with tech.

I LOVE meeting the people in the hood. I KNOW they are really geniuses. Why? Because I am them and they are me.

So, it is only fit that I go to them to SHARE the amazing opportunities that I KNOW technology holds. Now, with all of this 'though"...comes a QUESTION.

A very, very, very SEIOUS question, indeed. This question is going to BE my platform and thesis and mission statement and...you get the picture.

QUESTION: What can TECHNOLOGY do for the hood?

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