THUG CODING®...What are Your Thoughts About This Image?

thug coding image of two brothers in slick white suites working on computers

I posted this image in a group that I am in and ONLY captioned it..."thoughts"...

I want to know what the Black TECH community thinks about the name/brand THUG CODING®

Althoug, nobody else has the FULL vision of THUG CODING® that I do, I really want the FULL support of the Bl;ack tech community. Which brings in another question...IS there a Black tech community? 

THAT may be the topic of another blog...(taking notes).

This particular group is VERY cool. The original post is here.

You could also join the group and support them. Data Structures, Algorithms & Architecture - Black Software Engineers...

I added some of the comments from the group members. 

What are YOUR thoughts about this image?

text from group



Again...the FULL thread from the group is here.

What are YOUR thoughts about this image?


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