THUG CODING® Membership Drive June 2023

I have been putting in the work these past months for THUG CODING®.

This idea is my passion and I really think it will benefit a LOT of people once the kinks are smoothed out. Don't get me wrong, being kinky has its advantages. But, these type of kinks are more administrative in nature.

I created a brief general PRESENTATION here to start to answer some of the questions about WHAT is Thug Coding®...

Thug Coding image of young Black visionaries.

The "HOOD" will be the NEW (functional) Silicon Valley!

That is part of my goal. To achieve this would mean that MANY other high levels of value have been established in what is now called the hood. I would LOVE to start having dialogue about this. The POTENTIAL is endless.

The first phase is marketing and promotion. I want to spread the word about THUG CODING® to as many people as possible. I will make it so you make $$$ when you spread the word about this endeavor,

Tech can benefit the hood in so many POSITIVE ways. 

Thug Coding is the first tech startup for the hood

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