Nerds, Niggas, Geeks, Thugs...what do THESE words have in common?
It appears that these words were first used as derogatory terms against smart people.   

While my writing style may be obscure, and my grammar outlaw, I will communicate with you with these blog posts. 

Although our Thug Code family organization is technical in nature, we are real, live human beings. The philosophy and culture of our group will be laid out and all are welcome to build upon it.

The terms that we will discuss all seem to have something in common. They ALL started as negative, derogatory words and slurs. Now...these words have a more acceptable usage (for the most part).

Let's get into the details.

I first found the use of the term NERD by Dr. Seuss. The good ol "DOC" was also a racist propaganda artist for World War II. As we start to learn and talk together, we may find that some of our heroes and sheroes were not all that they were made to be. Taking negative words and turning them into positive words is what this blog post is about. A part of changing the world is changing the vocabulary and meanings of words... 

I am VERY big on marketing and PR (public relations. One of my goals, and there, a goal for Thug coding, is to become the world LARGEST marketing and public relations firm. The DETAILS on how we will achieve that will be presented in an upcoming blog article (stay POSTED - pun intended). The use of the word PROPAGANDA gives an idea on the direction that article "may" take...

"In October of the following year, Newsweek carried an article about the latest slang that includes the word nerd. "In Detroit," it notes, "someone who once would be called a drip or a square is now, regrettably, a nerd, or in less severe cases, a scurve." -

he MEANING of the word "nerd" may not have really changed...but, BEING a nerd seems to have some incredible perks by association. In the world of TECH where many people self identify as a nerd, the company that nerds keep extends to every part of the GLOBAL tech sector

The US tech industry market is worth around $1.6 trillion. The tech industry is expected to reach a $5 trillion market value by the end of 2021.

So, as you can see...the NERDS are a BIG part of the people actually ruling the world. 

What does the term NERD mean to you?



UPDATED December 10, 2022 (a long, long time after the blog was first posted)

The N-WORD! 

Well, in MY opinion, the term "NIGGA" is NOT the REAL n-word. Nigga is something of a magical term. A word much more significant than the term nerd. But, significant for more ancient reasons.

Like NERD was a term used for derogatory reasons to try to diminish the impact and importance of a section of society and castigate and lambast them because of their intellectual acumen, the term nigga was taken by a section of society that had a different, yet, similar word used towards them for a much more vicious and rapacious purpose. 

Nerds were smart. But, in many cases, that extra bonus in the smartness department may have reduced the development in the social skills and cool sections. The term NERD was a derogatory usage to emphasize the awkwardness of these people. It was really bad. But, as I said earlier, nerds mostly rule the world, now. That term has lost its demeaning and disrespectful sting. The term NERD is now embraced and promoted among those that identify as nerds.

Nigga is the hip and acceptable term used to refer to the God of the universe. The coolest, most intelligent and imitated demographic of the human family. This term is EXCLUSIVELY used for Black Men (what IS a Black man will come in another blog post).   



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