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Reggie Middleton NOMINATED for the USPTO National Medal of Technology and Innovation

I hope this post finds you well and in the BEST of spirits, wealth, health and happiness. We are in a VERY wonderful time in history, and on the cusp of a serious change. Many changes are taking place. But, one specific change is what this message is about.  That change is in the fundamental and foundational administration and distribution of cryptocurrency. I would say...GLOBALLY, but for now, let's just say in the U.S. and Japan. This is a HUGE topic. I plan on covering this in as full a detail as I can. However, I want to keep each post brief to give my readers some relief. We want to HONOR the Black Man that has made this change...

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The Benefits of Sage pt.1

Sage helps you to RELAX…At some point in these “The Benefits of Sage” posts, I am going to go really deep into the biochemistry and scientific botanical details about sage. For now…I want to just keep it very simple.Sage helps you to relax…   To help relax and remove stress from your environment, burn some sage. The process and preparation… with the INTENT will start to get the mood set for calm and peace in your space.During the daily life activities, sometimes we can become burdened with too much going on. We can learn to take time out for ourselves and relive some tension, anxiety and stress. A great way to do this is to burn sage.Take the time to relax. Buy Some Sage...

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