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Corn In The Bible®

CORN IN THE BIBLE® MEANS MAIZE... Many people think that CORN just means GRAIN when mentioned in the bible. ​They concoct all manner of cognitively dissonant arguments in the interest of forcing the interpretation of CORN in the BIBLE to mean anything but American CORN. It is very unfortunate, but I understand this need to maintain the dogma of childhood teachings. Most people THINK and BELIEVE that Christopher Columbus discovered America.  The Vatican and Holy See invented the idea that the Americas were the "New World" ​Let’s begin to go into a full, verifiable, and detailed PROOF without a shadow of a doubt, that CORN simply means CORN, and not wheat, barley, rye, or any other grain! ​You would have...

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America T-Shirt

The AMERICA T-Shirt is the NEW favorite!The duty of a civilized man is to teach civilization to the uncivilized. REMOVE the LIES! Open your EYES!AMERICA!100%THICK HEAVY cotton T-shirt. Exclusively available at the Get It From Mike Store Teotihuacan IS Heliopolis® Corn In The Bible® Means Maize www.GetItFromMike.comIn order to END racism, we MUST set the record straight! The HISTORY has been CHANGED! The MAPS have been changed! This is NOT a PROTEST! This is a contest.

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When Rocks Cry Out (First Edition HARDCOVER!)

What is the VALUE of a First Edition... When Rocks Cry Out by Horace Butler?The VALUE of this collector's item is unlimited. The information that this book contains is priceless. However, I am offering this ONLY available copy for $700.This is the link to the book in my store.The second edition softback is available at i would suggest you get THAT version, too. But...the FIRST Edition has information that is not included in the second. Plus, the First is HARDCOVER.This is an UNSIGNED book. I do, however, have ONE First Edition SIGNED and NUMBERED by Horace Butler! That book is for sale for $2,900. Here is the link. For serious inquires ONLY!Read the write up on When Rocks Cry Out:"The #1 Dallas Morning...

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