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Nerds, Niggas, Geeks, Thugs...what do THESE words have in common?It appears that these words were first used as derogatory terms against smart people.    While my writing style may be obscure, and my grammar outlaw, I will communicate with you with these blog posts. Although our Thug Code family organization is technical in nature, we are real, live human beings. The philosophy and culture of our group will be laid out and all are welcome to build upon it.The terms that we will discuss all seem to have something in common. They ALL started as negative, derogatory words and slurs. Now...these words have a more acceptable usage (for the most part).Let's get into the details.I first found the use of the term...

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Reggie Middleton NOMINATED for the USPTO National Medal of Technology and Innovation

I hope this post finds you well and in the BEST of spirits, wealth, health and happiness. We are in a VERY wonderful time in history, and on the cusp of a serious change. Many changes are taking place. But, one specific change is what this message is about.  That change is in the fundamental and foundational administration and distribution of cryptocurrency. I would say...GLOBALLY, but for now, let's just say in the U.S. and Japan. This is a HUGE topic. I plan on covering this in as full a detail as I can. However, I want to keep each post brief to give my readers some relief. We want to HONOR the Black Man that has made this change...

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